The Gates' Old Fashioned Phone-Booth-With-A-Twist...

by Rachelle Hruska · May 8, 2009

    "The Gates" is the hottest new place to spend your nights.  Looking past the gorgeous fixtures, full length marble walls, and ornate details (all originals taken from the old Biltmore Hotel), the place is hotter right now than Jack McCollough's nose...mainly because it hasn't opened yet.  Last night, I finally made the trip to Chelsea to check out what everyone's been talking about for weeks for the DO GOOD FEEL GOOD Party (write-up to come).  I was impressed by, among other things, the old fashioned telephone booth with a twist.  It's for making and receiving cell phone calls!

    And, if you can set aside your claustrophobia, you will be able to actually TALK instead of TEXT your friend to come meet you.  This will be especially handy in the winter.  If only places had figured this out back in 2002-pre texting, when people actually used their cell phones for talking.