Breaking News: Marquee Closing!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 30, 2009

    UPDATE: Straight from the horses' mouth: The rumor to this is NOT TRUE.

    Sorry but Noah is not going anywhere....Thank God!

    Straight from our tip line, we have the exclusive on some HUGE NEWS: Marquee is closing!  They are apparently transferring it's license from it's 27th street outpost to the old Earth space.  Marquee, the flagship of the Strategic Group's vast empire, has defined odds by not only helping create a neighborhood, but by sticking around for over 5 years!  (That's like 95 years in club land!)

    They apparently plan on transferring the liquor license to the old earth space, the space that Noah Tepperberg was planning on turning into some kind of lounge. This takes care of the problem of him trying to get a cabaret license (they can just transfer the 27th street one over).   Still, it's a sad day in club land.

    Everyone meet us at Marquee tonight for one last Friday night of debauchery!