Cain Luxe Still Going Strong- Rumors NOT True...

by Rachelle Hruska · July 31, 2009

    After the death of Home and Guesthouse nightclubs on 27th street, there have been rumors today that Cain is the next club to go. Is it true?  With the success of the Surf Lodge (the Montauk hot spot that Jaime Mulholland and Jayma Cardosa opened only a year ago) and Goldbar, perhaps it was time to close down the venue that started it all? It seemed highly unlikely - the team just redid the entire space into "Cain Luxe" last spring.

    But, just to make sure, I emailed J and J this morning and just received the official word from Jaime:

    "The rumours are not true and we are still going strong."

    Phew. We will be awaiting more "Best $2k" photos from Cain Luxe this fall!