DBTH Behind The Curve (Again)

by Rachelle Hruska · January 28, 2009

    Back in the beginning of OCTOBER (!) Grub Street ran a post anointing Chloe as the new Beatrice Inn, "borrowing" from our piece titled "Where the Cool Kids are" days before.  We revisited the issue on January 9th when we sent a photographer into the "Ivy at Chloe" party in a post titled: "Is This REALLY The New Beatrice Inn?"  Which is why, we thought it was pretty funny when today, on DBTH, Scott put up a post titled "Battle Royale: Chloe vs. Beatrice" defending all things Bea.  (I saw him there last Friday night on the front couch and, we hear, this is one of the ONLY places he goes these days).  The first commenter asks Scott: "Why are you so obsessed with posting about this place?"

    Our verdict?

    We agree with the commenter.  Beatrice Inn had a great run, but I went last Friday for a bit, (Scott either didn't see me or pretended not to) and was disappointed.  If the tough door is what they pride themselves on (as DBTH claims), it seemed to be no problem for our group of 5!  Not to mention the numerous times we've actually SENT photographers into Bea to cover events, or even a Rory Guinness video shoot! The place was pretty empty, though I did appreciate the no-smoking, a policy they have just recently started taking seriously.

    p.s. The next time we see or hear of Scott at Bea we seriously hope it's back on the dance floor for a change...has he no moves???

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