Disco Doesn't Make The Door List, NY Mag Staff Will Continue To Get The Dreaded "Sorry I Can't Let You In Tonight"

by Rachelle Hruska · October 6, 2008

    [Disco gards the door at Bungalow. Photo by NYMag]

    Today's NY Magazine includes the "Say-Up-Till-Dawn Nightlife Planner" inside of it.  This is the photo for the section titled "Top Five Doors Worth The Hassle. The velvet ropes are justified here".  It is our good friend Disco holding down the fort outside of our beloved Bungalow 8.  However, there is an immediate and obvious problem with this choice of photo....Bungalow isn't included on the list that follows it (205 Club, Beatrice Inn, Goldbar, Rose Bar, and Socialista are).  Disco's door is perhaps the most obvious and recognized one, so maybe it is fitting to use as the main photo, it would just be nice to see the place return on the list.  Are our revival efforts futile?

    Alas, for future reading, check out the magazine and read their picks for best bars around the city.  Go HERE for ours.