Does Greenhouse have BIGGER problems than a $1 billion lawsuit?

by BILLY GRAY · October 22, 2009

    UPDATE: We just got word from Greenhouse management who offered the following explanation of the incident: "An individual came to Greenhouse looking for his ex-girlfriend and the gentleman she was with. Upon entry to the club, he immediately attacked the gentleman (who was with his ex-girlfriend). Greenhouse took every security precaution, immediately broke-up the fight and called the police to handle the situation. The woman involved in the incident was able to provide police with information on the attacker, who had been stalking her for weeks." 

    Author Teri Woods is suing SoHo's eco-friendly nightclub Greenhouse for $1 billion, claiming doormen refused entry to her and 175 guests she'd invited to a book release party because they were black. But a tipster tells us that owner Barry Mullineaux might have a more pressing problem on his hands, in the form of a triple stabbing. Writes our source:

    "stabbing happened @ Greenhouse Sunday Morning/after Saturday night, 3 people were knifed, one was a bouncer and one person was stabbed 3 times. Police locked everyone in for a while, crime scene. Guy got it near the heart."

    Guest of a Guest is awaiting confirmation on this report. Of course, it's terrible news if true. Trouble like this would expose all sorts of issues with The Greenhouse doormen on top of alleged racism. And it goes to show that, sometimes, the only thing worse than being kept out of a club is being locked in.

    (Note: As a reader pointed out, the Woods party occurred on August 6th, not this past weekend. Sorry for the earlier confusion.)