Double Seven Is Almost There: Who's Feeling Lucky?

by Sun Kersor · January 20, 2011

    David Rabin, the erstwhile Mayor of the Meatpacking District, is ready for his great return to club central with the reincarnation of his Double Seven. Here's the low-down on the mounting excitement for this hot joint.

    As Eater reports, Rabin has been through something of a nadir in his club pursuits; he saw Lotus fall to Abe and Arthur's and ultimately the ill-fated Los Dados.

    Rabin got his mojo back by joining hands with Geoffrey Zakarian at the Lambs Club in midtown and Jimmy at the James Hotel.

    Now he's stoked for what might be his great return.

    He tells Eater:

    "I didn't go for about a month to see it because frankly I stopped even believe my partner (1/2 kidding) that it was progressing...then I went last week and boo. It is way beyond plywood. It looks nearly what it will look like when done."

    Eater also has a scoop about Rabin's other prospects:

    "Rabin and his team are close to locking up a deal for the nightlife venues at the Dream Downtown. Vikram Chatwal's soon to open Cheese Grate hotel in the area where the MPD morphs into Chelsea. The partnership makes sense, since the Lams Club is At Chatwal's eponymous hotel near Times Square."

    We look forward to seeing how this shapes up and whether this story of MPD revisited will be one of triumph or continued lack-luster performance.