Down By The Hipster Is Absent, No One Notices...

by Stanely Stuyvesant · October 1, 2008

    Scott SolishOk, well now you do because I pointed it out.  That being said, DBTH has been AWOL, and the web is now starved of his sometimes funny, sometimes wrong, many times misinformed, and generally misguided nightlife ramblings.  And Scott Solish's vague and ambiguous explanation doesn't do much to clarify his absence.

    We are experiencing some technical difficulties, hence the reduced postings this week. We believe a Little Birdy has flown directly into the wires, and have sent over a crack team of union labor to fix the problem.

    Ok, whatever that means Scott.  Anyway, we hope everything over there works out for you and you come back online soon, if only to humor ourselves.