El Bano? A Jab At The Eldridge Or The Real Deal? Scott Is On The Case

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · September 2, 2008

    el banoWe were a little dubious when we got an email from someone we didn't know, inviting us to a club we have never heard of, located somewhere we don't know. But that's exactly what happened last week when we received an email offering us a key to the new super secret El Bano.

    We thought, why not, and sent along our address. Well, we sent our office address, you never know right? Anyway, we stopped by the office today and in front of our door was a little package. Inside was a roll of toilet paper with a tiny note that simply says"enjoy!" after removing the toilet paper we found our key.

    We still have a few questions. there is no marking on the key, so what is to stop us or anybody else from making thousands of copies of the key? also we still don't know where the place is! if this is indeed a legitimate club, we will let you know all about it-once we find it....though it could just be a sick joke someone is playing on all of us.....