Emily "The Eldridge" Brill And Mary "The Handbag" Rambin, BFF's?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · October 16, 2008

    Emily Brill, Mary Rambin [Emily Brill with Mary Rambin. Photo via Nonsociety]

    Yesterday, we brought to light a little blog war going on between Emily Brill, (of essentiallyemily.com), and fameball Mary Rambin (of NonSociety).  How did last night"s first meet up go?  While we were busy preparing for our debate parties, we had quite a few tipsters on scene to give us the scoop.  Let"s Rock.....

    Well, Emily is apparently taking a "sick day", though makes it pretty clear it"s from the long night of partying she had (at Rose Bar).

    Mary, meanwhile, refused to go to Rose Bar with her after the long stressful day she had. Wait.  Hold the phone. Wasn"t Emily banned from Rose Bar? How on earth did she get in, was the gatekeeper absent?  Oh that"s right, Damien was at Annabel"s birthday party downtown, away from his post at the hardest door in the city.  Nevertheless, Emily wasted no time in seizing upon on this opportunity. (God, how do we know this stuff!?)

    We"re happy that Emily had a wild night downtown and she was able to post it on her blog.  We"re even happier she"s sticking with her nonsensical fashion trend: the sunglasses indoors look. From a tipster:

    "And, the shades stayed on Emily"s face all evening as she tried to make awkward conversation with whoever she could."

    Stay tuned for photos and write up from fashion event.

    [Emily Brill Takes On Mary Rambin]