Scott Solish And Emily Brill Have A Lot More In Common Than Just Not Being Able To Get Into The Eldridge

by Rachelle Hruska · October 16, 2008

    Bungalow 8DBTH is becoming more "Brill-ish" by the minute.  Emily Brill-ish that is. He"s like the downtown equivalent of the UES blogger except she is less whiny than him...essentially.  (And isn"t it saying a lot when you"re more whiny than an UES trust fund 20 something blond?) Well they have a lot more in common than not getting into the Eldridge. Both have quite the loyal followers that love creating drama in the comment section, and, today we LOVED what we were reading on DBTH"s.

    In regards to the post "Bungalow 2.0" in which Scott once again reused OUR photo (without credit), DBTH tries to devalue Bungalow 8 because of an invite he came across for a party at the lounge on Facebook (it was a closed invite).  What we learn from his "faithful" commenters is that, not only is this a NON issue, but Sundays really are the new Saturdays (as we told you), and, more importantly, that they are sick of hearing about the "non cool" areas from Scott (um...finally?!).  Also, they resoundingly agree on their love of Bungee. Anyway, click below to read some of my favorites:

    "If the LES is dead, 27th street is B&T, the rest of the meatpacking district is Euro-trash tourists, Williamsburg is too hipster/lame, the Bowery is so yesterday then please -- just please instruct me on where to go! I have heard of a few hot new places opening up in the 60"s and Madison Ave. where you can smoke cigars with 60 year old men! Sounds exciting to me!! Cliches and gross generalizations are rightfully established for a reason, needless to say it doesn"t mean that their cant be aberrations to these established generalizations."

    "sunday night is the bomb! remember stripper sundays at pangaea anyone? great crowds sunday-wednesday nights. that"s where you get the legit parties." October 15, 2008 at 04:28PM | Unregistered Commenterstua

    "i most certainly remember stripper sundays."

    "lol, excellent my friend, excellent." October 15, 2008 at 04:53PM | Unregistered Commenterword up

    "If Bungalow 8 really wanted to make money, then they can easily hire promoters to pack the place, but they don"t do that, same thing with The Eldridge - that is why NYC nightlife sucks, because promoters think they run the city." October 15, 2008 at 05:12PM | Unregistered CommenterBeCool

    "There are still a few great spots in NYC where you can go with your friends and have a great time without dealing with any BS, and Bungalow is one of those places. People who spend time there know exactly what I"m talking about. Bungalow has always hosted private events, so as far as I know, this is nothing new for them. Receiving an invitation to an event on Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter) certainly doesn"t imply guaranteed admission."

    "facebook helped me find out about my cousins briss. so using the site to notify people of happenings is alright by me..." Stua-

    "Good call on Pangaea... Arguably one of the best parties i"ve ever experienced... Rocco Ancarola kept that place rockin!"

    "I"m not gonna knock Bungalow 8 or Amy Sacco... The easiest thing to do, other than write a damn blog post like this one, is to criticize people. However, I do wonder if B8 was as lucrative as it was popular."

    "No offense DBTH, I would let you into any party I have, however just because you have been invited certainly does not mean you will get in, especially with Disco at the door! B8 is always hot, and is making a comeback. I love how B8 can go from super chill, to off the wall. That"s what makes it so great."