Employees Of The City's High End Cocktail Bars Name Their Favorite Dives

by Mara Siegler · August 3, 2011

    Yesterday's closing of Banjo Jim's to make way for an "artisanal cocktail bar" had us lamenting the dying off of dives  as classics are being closed down to make way for The Trendy. But it seems like some of the city's top mixologists, working at those types of chi chi places, like a cheap beer, good jukebox, and some dirt around the edges, too.

    The Feast spoke with those from the Ed Hardy banning Mulberry Project, The Clover Club, The Summit and more to find out their favorites when it comes to dive bars. David Kaplan, co-owner of Death & Company recommends off-the-radar joint, Joe's Bar.

    "It has the worst taxidermy around, trophy cabinets from who knows when, and a great jukebox. The place is always empty enough to take over and has a great pool table. I get Jameson rocks every time."

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