Friday Night Fun At Summit Bar

by CHLOE POST · June 28, 2010

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    You know the neighborhoods you never get around to visiting and the bars you have yet to wander into? Wonder no more what lies behind the bouncer at some of the more undercover nightspots in the city. We're going to take you into them one by one until you'll feel like a bigger bar fly than Lindsay Lohan. -

    Tucked away in Alphabet City lies a handsome little bar accessorized in exposed brick, sleek black furniture and perfectly dimmed lights. We sent a GofG photographer to see what The Situation was at Summit Bar on Friday night.-

    "The Situation", it turns out, is a drink mixed from Afghani Raisin Infused Rittenhouse Rye. People were ordering it by the gallons on Friday. (The owners swear they named the drink long before The Jersey Shore, but we can't help but think the shared name is a boost to the drinks popularity.)

    There was a private party in the back garden, which trickled into the main bar as guests mixed with the regulars and chatted with bartenders who were eager to wow the crowd with their knowledge of drinks and dexterity with bottles. We hear the small plates are worth a bite as well, though the cheese and meats might be a detriment to a Jersey Shore worthy six pack.