UPDATED: Gansevoort Rated Dirtiest Pool In The City. Five Pee-Free Options For Hotel Swimming

by Mara Siegler · July 11, 2011

    The New York Post did an investigation into six pools and found out that your $300 to use the Gansevoort Hotel's digs is probably giving you more than you bargained for. The water tested positive for the sorts of bacteria and elements that show up when people don't take the time to get out of the water and walk to the toilet. We take a look at some safe options for your swimming needs. [Please see below for update]

    As for the other pool's the Post surveyed, the cleanest are public spots, which "nearly meet drinking-water standards." The Bronx, Red Hook in Brooklyn, Dry Dock in lower Manhattan, Astoria in Queens and Tottenville in Staten Island were all tested and approved, but what about places for those who still want the swank atmosphere and drink service offered by hotel pools?

    Here are 5 alternative hotel pool options:

    Dream Downtown, 355 West 16th Street

    The just opened Dream Downtown's pool isn't huge nor is it deep, but it has a giant dose of cool. Not only is it located at the city's newest hotspot, parts of the floor are glass so that lobby guests can look up and take in the action from below.

    Soho House, 29 9th Ave

    The Soho House pool, full of famous types and their hangers on, is a tried and true summer staple of a certain set. It's members-only, so make friends with someone who belongs or sneak in a la Carrie Bradshaw.

    Jimmy at the James, 27 Grand Street

    For those who love the Gansevoort this may be your best bet. Set up almost exactly like the Meatpacking bar is the Jimmy at the James, nestled sky high and offering pretty views of the city.  Located in SoHo it gets less B&T traffic and we're hoping less, ahem, accidents in the pool.

    Thompson LES, 190 Allen Street

    Smack in the middle of the LES this is a great spot to go for those who want to spend the rest of the evening bar hopping and listening to bands. Decorated with a triptych of Andy Warhol photolithographe, you can tell what sort of people frequent this place.

    Empire Hotel,  44 West 63rd Street

    Nestled in the upper west side, this place offers some serious perks. You can rent a private cabana complete with flat screen TVs, mini fridges and portable speakers. Or you could just do the regular ol' thing and take a swim.

    UPDATE: We received a statement from Michael Achenbaum, CEO and President of Gansevoort Hotel Group.

    “In compliance with the city code, the Gansevoort hotel pools are tested three times daily, and chemicals are adjusted three times daily (please see the attached log for the last thirty days). We have passed every Board of Health inspection without qualification (please see attached Board of Health approvals). We are not required to test for coliform, but following the New York Post piece, we will now add such a test to our standard operating procedures. We are proud of the product we provide our guests and without reservations believe that our hotel’s pool is not only a great place to enjoy oneself, but that it is a safe environment.

    It is our belief that the information concerning the pool at our Gansevoort Meatpacking District location as presented by the New York Post was intentionally misleading. The implication of the article is that the coliform allegedly found was caused by fecal matter or urine, however, through our conversations with the journalist, we learned that further testing determined that there were NO TRACES of such contaminants. For this reason, the story was categorically misleading.

    We are also uncertain about the scientific protocols and validity of their tests. There are numerous other environmental factors that can cause low levels of coliform, a common substance, which at such levels, is harmless. We also find it uniquely telling about the Post’s intentions that we were the only hotel in the entire city that was tested for this piece”.  – Michael Achenbaum, CEO and President, Gansevoort Hotel Group.