Gatian Finds a Loophole

by guestofaguest · August 14, 2007

    peter gatien

    Prepare yourselves.  Rush and Molloy are reporting today that Peter Gatien has been coming back into the states.  Gatian is, of course, the former Limelight owner which we profiled earlier this summer.  He was acquitted of drug dealing, served 60 days in jail and a large fine.  Here's an article from New York Mag circa 2000  (a must read) when he again dipped his hand in the scene only to get arrested for tax evasion and then get deported to his native Canada.  He has been spotted in New York and Miami.  Apparently, he's part Native American, and the government is not allowed to keep him out. ha.  Well we, for one are enthusiastic about this news.  This is just what the New York nightlife scene needs, because 27th street hasn't given us enough debauchery.  But, joking aside, a lot has changed since Gatian was running the show, for one, the number of drug related deaths each week.  Also, his precious little Limelight that he created out of an old spooky Episcopal church in Chelsea is now Avalon, not even a contender in the night life arena, but an embarrassment.  We would LOVE to hear Peter's thoughts on these, and all the other changes...