The walls of golden skulls, the private corners, the chain-link curtains. If you're anyone who's anyone in New York, the features of Little Italy hot spot GoldBar are instantly recognizable. Perhaps you smoked weed with a Jonas Brother behind the DJ booth, danced with Beyoncé, or went on a date with John Mayer. Or perhaps you've just heard the stories. In any case, the gilded nightlife venue is a legend among legends and on Thursday it's celebrating a most impossible feat - 10 years of cool kid status in a city that's always redefining what "cool" really is. 

Ahead of the black-tie bash (free-flowing Dom, anyone?), we caught up with the key figures behind the mainstay, from original co-owner and co-founder Jayma Cardoso, to the OG (and notoriously picky) doorman Jonny Lennon, to relive a decade of decadence and debauchery. 

[Photo via @hannahfergusonofficial]