Has 1Oak Gone To Ronnie Madra's Head, Literally?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · September 23, 2008

    On Friday night, like clockwork, Ronnie Madra was at his typical promoter/owner table at 1oak.  Music was same.  Crowd was more or less the same.  But headwear changed when he brought out some 1oak fitted baseball hats that he started tossing around to some of the spot's regulars.  Though we don't claim to be a "regular", we did manage to get our hands on a hat and snap a few pics for you guys.  Maybe we should put this up on ebay and see what kind of premium it gets?  This reminds me of when Noah Tepperberg of Marquee made Marquee sweatshirts and handed them out around the Delano in Miami several years ago to his pals including 1oak partner Richie Akiva (oh yea, maybe that's how the 1oak guys got the idea?!).

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