"I Would Much Rather Have A Douchemagnet In Every Neighborhood Than Have A Douche In Every Bar"

by Rachelle Hruska · September 23, 2008

    There has been a lot of talk about what's killing our nightlife.  Is it the recession on Wall Street? The cabaret laws? The guido-driven Meatpacking model?  Or did NYC nightlife begin a downward spiral with the introduction of bottle service?  Gawker argues that what's really going to kill nightlife is the State Liquor Authority. who have pulled certain prominent clubs' (Scores, The Box, and Beatrice Inn) licenses.  Note: swanky hipsters can breathe relief, the Bea just got theirs reinstated.  Forget the complaining neighbors and location altogether, this article begs the question: what clubs wouldn't we mind see forced to go? Libation? Prime? Avalon? (Are these even still around?!)  Then the answer hit me...in the words of a Gawker commenter:

    Comments by signine 8:02 PM on 09/22/08

    The more douches, the more noise complaints, the more complaints in general, the less likely the club is to get its liquor license renewed. It's a pretty simple formula, but I happen to like douchey clubs. I would much rather have a douchemagnet in every neighborhood than have a douche in every bar.

    Well put, Signine. These places are doing us a service, keeping the douche factor lower in our beloved favorites (that we can't even discuss online anymore for fear of infiltration). Let the douchyness reign on!

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