Remember parties?

And not like little cocktail soirées where everyone's eating canapés on their best behavior - but parties! At clubs, with a dance floor and strobe lights and sticky floors and so many people you can't help but make new friends.

Well, if you're reading this from Florida chances are you don't have quite the same sentimental perspective, and for that I judge you to no end, but for all those who can commiserate with feeling wistful following this year of no fun, we've the perfect outlet for remembering things past.

In The Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy Of NYC Nightlife In The 90s is the most amazing new book, featuring never before seen photos of the most iconic time in New York's club scene. You know, that time before cellphones ruined everyone's ability to have a totally uninhibited good time. Photographer Steve Eichner captures everyone from socialites and celebrities to businessmen and club kids letting loose at The Limelight, The Palladium, Webster Hall and more. Because really, who doesn't love a good foam party with lots of glitter?

When life returns to some semblance of normal, do you reckon things will be more like the Roaring 20s, or the Clubbing 90s? Personally, we'd choose the latter. Like, The Tunnel used to have a ball pit and a skateboarding half pipe! Let's definitely bring those back!

Click through for a sneak peak of the iconic photos featured in this must-have book!

[Photos courtesy Prestel Publishing / Steve Eichner]