Whether you're looking to spice things up after four consecutive Friday nights at the bar up the block from your apartment, or have an exciting new prospect to woo on a second date, you can never go wrong with a sexy, speakeasy-style cocktail joint.

And there's nowhere better to lose a few hours gazing into your lover's eyes than Lost Hours, the new buzz-worthy watering hole from the team behind Death & Co, Proprietors LLC, in partnership with hospitality group Simple Venue. Tucked behind the lobby inside Koreatown's Hotel 3232, the 30-seat space promises an intimate experience, with dim lighting complemented by deep reds, black leather, and a green marble bar. As for the music? Softly humming from a vintage record player, naturally.

The innovative cocktail menu is broken up according to nature's four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. That may sound a little witchy, but they're sure to make some magic happen. Come spring, the space will also offer small, Japanese-flavored plates courtesy of Chef Jon Yun, but for now, indulge in the alcoholic elements with your boo by your side.

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Lost Hours, 32 E 32nd St.

[Photos by Eric Medsker]