Is Mixing Cupcakes And Cocktails The Worst Idea In Nightlife History?

by BILLY GRAY · April 26, 2010

    If cupcakes or flavored martinis alone don't transport you to a Sex & The City episode circa 2000, imagine enjoying both at once while decked out in your finest cocktail dress or striped button down. Yes, a boozy cupcake lounge exists, and the Styles section goes there so you don't have to.

    Rivington Street's Red Velvet Lounge is brought to you by Jason Lawrence, Cole Bernard and Eric Unger, the same folks behind quirky, innovative performance art space The Eldridge.

    The Times' Liza Ghorbani bravely entered the fray and described a lounge that "serves up roughly 250 liquor-laden mini-cupcakes per night to sweet-toothed revelers who swear they give them a buzz." The mini-cupcakes come from Baked by Melissa,the SoHo take out window whose dime-sized cupcakes sell for $1 a piece, making it one of downtown's more blatant rip-offs.

    Cupcakes and cocktails can certainly hit the spot when enjoyed individually. But the sugar high concept at Red Velvet confuses me. Aren't espresso and apple martinis yak-inducing enough when they aren't washing down confections made of red food coloring and cream cheese frosting? At 2am? Eating and drinking might be intertwined, but like popcorn at movie theaters, the relationship should be limited to 5am cheeseburgers or pizza or, if you're in the vicinity of Veselka, a heaping platter of pierogi.

    And although I admire the fashion-conscious set (see: Eldridge connection) throwing "caloric caution to the wind," I wonder if the choice of foodstuff doesn't infantilize late night partying. On the other hand, when Sex & The City 3: The Depends Years starts filming in 2020, Carrie and the girls will know exactly where to relive their glory days.