It’s Starting

by guestofaguest · August 28, 2007


    Everyone knows that the best thing to cure the Monday Blues is to go out.  Still feeling some residual hang over from the weekend we decided on dinner and wine.  After not wanting to wait for 45+ minutes at Freemans (it's a monday!) we headed back to Gemma.  Place was also hopping.  We ended up bumping into old pal David Cabo (one of the owners of Pink Elephant).  Feeling a little bummed after reminiscing on the past summer and it's inevitable end, we are starting to try and get excited about Fall Fashion Week in the city.  And this Invite to Tamara Pogosian's Fashion party at Pink is just the thing to help us get in the mood.

    After our gnocchi and a Grand Cru we decided to head home, but hear David ended up at Pink to join the after party for the "Dedication" premeire staring Mandy Moore and Billy Crudup (who were both there along with Harvey Weinstein and Cuba Gooding Jr.).