If you've ever fancied yourself a Bond Girl™, fantasized about a Met Gala heist à la Oceans Eight, or subscribe to the belief that diamonds really are a girl's best friend, allow us to introduce you to your new favorite lounge: Jewel Thief

Yes, it's as lavish as it sounds.

Hidden beneath Spritz Nomad, the recently opened watering hole was practically made for glamorous femme fatales and dapper outlaws looking for an after-dark hideout - or for revelers who just want to feel like they're on the lam for a night.

The opulently appointed den of (not so) ill repute features plush banquettes, gilded accents, and sultry secret corners perfect for plotting. Rich jewel tones (obviously) reign supreme, while fun decorative details like vintage treasure chests, miniature vaults, and crystal decanter chandeliers provide the ideal backdrop for the immersive experiences and surprise secret performances that may pop up throughout the evening. 

In addition to boasting a private tasting room, Jewel Thief has equipped each table with a call button that immediately lights up a numbered vault above the bar, ensuring that every guest gets the VIP treatment. As for the cocktails? Expect cheeky sips like the Green Vault and Pink Panther, which pay homage to famous heists in history.

Entering the subterranean spot may feel like stumbling upon an illegal speakeasy, but it'd be a crime not to check it out. 

Click through for a look inside!

Jewel Thief, 30 West 30th Street

[Photos courtesy Jewel Thief]