For most of us New York City folk, crossing the velvet rope into the hottest club is a moment of pure ecstasy. A moment when you can take a hard look at your life and give yourself a pat on the back for being cool enough (or wealthy enough, if you bribed the bouncer). But as Justin Ross Lee sees it, anyone can sneak into a place, and who cares anyway? What's really important are the places you have been banned from -- the hot spots that when you walk up to the door they take one look at your face and know exactly who you are and tell you to turn around and leave immediately. JRL wears his bans like badges of honor, and offers me a piece of advice, “Embrace your lifetime bans: The only thing better than being able to go anywhere- is not being able to go some places. 86 is my favorite number.” So where has the infamous Facebook Jewjetter been banned from? Click through to see, and find out the one place that JRL would never want to be banned from... [All photos via Facebook]