Kiss and Fly

by Stanely Stuyvesant · November 30, 2007

    randy scott

    [Photo from NY Times]

    Randy Scott, pictured above on the right, is one of the city's leading "Bottle Hosts". Yeah it's an actual job, and one that today will determine whether or not your club will sink or swim. Jaime Mulholland knew this all too well, which is why he picked up Scott from Marquee when he decided to open Cain. Pink Elephant also scouted him when they decided to open up shop in Southampton over the summer. You can read more about the career of the bottle host in an article from last February in the Times. This is what they had to say about Randy:

    "Mr. Scott, a tall man with chiseled features in a custom-made black pinstriped suit, glided through the club’s V.I.P. area that night with the commanding air of Sirio Maccioni presiding over the dining room at Le Cirque. He paused to chat up old clients with the practiced calm of a cardiologist, and placed his hand on the shoulder of new ones as if it were a benediction. "

    Knowing that Mr. Scott will lead us to a fun time, we got excited when we heard of the new club "Kiss and Fly" that is opening soon and that he is set to work at. Located on 13th street between 9th Avenue and Washington....a surprising location choice considering the state of meatpacking these days. Or maybe the area is in for a revival? Everyone's been so caught up in 1Oak and Touch news that this seems to have gone off the radar, which is actually a sign that it may be decent. Only time will tell. Until then, stay tuned for more info on Kiss and Fly.