Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson And Waverly Oh My.....

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · July 23, 2008

    Ye Waverly InnWe began our night feeding my ongoing musical obsession at the City Center Encore's production of Damn Yankees. The last City Center Production we went to was last summer's Gypsy with Patti Lupone. As you may know, the production transferred to Broadway and garnered Tony Awards this year for not only Patti Lupone but also for her co-stars Boyd Gaines and Laura Benanti. So we had very high hopes for this production and we weren't disappointed.

    Scott has a theory that it must be in Cheyenne's contract that he be shirtless in every show that he appears, much like his theory that Sarah Jessica Parker's contract states that she be referred to as beautiful at least a half dozen times in any screenplay.

    More dish from evening:

    The leads Sean Hayes, Jane Krakowski and Cheyenne Jackson all gave noteworthy performances. Especially Sean Hayes, who brought the house down more than a couple of times. Jane Krakowski was sexy, flirty and funny, although her resemblance to Madonna in the "Papa don't Preach" video was a bit disconcerting, along with the same dance moves. Cheyenne Jackson was sexy as always, and managed to appear with his shirt off for one of the scenes.

    Damn Yankees is a bit old-fashioned and a couple of numbers could have been trimmed, but the audience was humming along to "Whatever Lola Wants" and "You Gotta Have Heart." As the theatre emptied we noted the smiles on everybody's faces. (One complaint, are shorts and a Hawaiian shirt really the best one can do when shelling out over $1oo a ticket? just asking)

    samantha Ronson with lindsay lohan at lilypondWe then grabbed a cab to make our 9:45 dinner reservations at Waverly Inn. Upon arrival we saw the usual mess in the bar and hoped we would be seated quickly. As we stood there we saw regular Fran Lebowitz go out for a cigarette as did Mickey Rourke and Steven Van Zandt. At about 10:05 the maitre'd tapped Scott's arm and told us it would be just a couple of minutes. At just that moment, we saw out of the corner of our eyes what we took to be lightning. We turned to see the paparazzi swarming an SUV. Seconds later, out pops Lindsay and Samantha, along with an unknown third girl. They are rushed right in past us straight to the dining room.

    After the commotion Scott looks at the matire d and says, "she just took our table right?" The maitre'd assures us not, Scott turns to our party and states flatly "She just took our table." His prediction was confirmed by the fact that we didn't then sit for almost another half hour. Funny enough, when finally seated, we were seated right next to Linds and Sam. The Waverly is pretty tight so we were practically on top of their table.

    We really did not pay much attention to them once we were seated, except at the end of their meal when Lindsay stood up and stepped/stumbled on Naeem's foot. Without looking back or apologizing she headed straight out the door. We guess her exit was spontaneous as Samantha was behind her sputtering:

    "Are you leaving?" "Lindsay are you leaving?" "I guess she's leaving." "She just left!"

    Another interesting night....