Looking For Champagne Bars Around NY? Look No Further

by Afrodet Zuri · July 15, 2011

    Champagne is the new water, at least in New York anyway.  Whereas once upon a time champagne was thought of something only the very wealthy and the very discerning of taste drink, now anyone can since there is a champagne for everyone.  We have a lot to celebrate judging by the amount of champagne that flows during brunches and dinners all over the city and have come to see champagne in a different boozier light. You have Lavo's Bikini Brunch and Day & Night, but where else can you go? We have answers.

    Its just no doubt that champagne has been unofficially crowned the sexier beverage, suitable to enhance your mimosa and any meal during brunch. New Yorkers flourishing brunch-themed events around the city have given a new life to the light and haughty beverage over the years.

    “The identity of Champagne has been as a beverage for celebrations, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Davy Dosnon who, with his business partner, Simon-Charles Lepage, issued his first wines in 2007 in the region of Côte des Bar, tells the New York Times. “But it’s also a wine of terroir, of place, and should be thought of that way as well."

    Check out these places around the city practically flowing with golden champagne!

    The Champagne Bar at The Plaza Hotel, 768 5th Ave (212) 759-3000


    With Fifth Avenue views overlooking the Pulitzer Fountain, the Champagne Bar at The Plaza evokes memories of the Champagne Porch that was in the same location when the hotel opened its doors in 1907.  Over 100 years later, guests and locals alike are again drawn to the lounge by its exquisite design and old world ambiance.  By night, the Champagne Bar is New York's preferred choice for tasting the world's finest champagne, caviar, and wines.  By day, guests may indulge in freshly baked pastries, light gourmet fare, and an array of specialty coffees.

    Flûte Midtown, 205 W 54th St (212) 265-5169


    Flûte occupies a Midtown space that was once a speakeasy run by the notorious Texas Guinan.  Texas Guinan was infamous for her brazen disregard of Prohibition, her army of scantily clad showgirls, her witty catch-phrases and her string of New York nightclubs where writers, socialites and the more sketchy characters of the city congregated.  Flûte Midtown’s speakeasy history is evident in its dim lighting and honeycomb of intimate booths that create an atmosphere of discretion.

    Bubble Lounge Tribeca, 228 W Broadway (212) 431-3433


    The only sources of light in this lounge are from globes of light hanging from the ceilings and miniature lambs at tables. The dark tiled floor and the red brick walls reflect a warm glow from the lights that envelops patrons in a sexy atmosphere that insists on a chilled glass of champagne. The menu has something for everyone boasting over 300 champagnes and sparkling wines as well as a full premium bar.

    The Bourgeois Pig, 111 E 7th St (212) 475-2246


    A Victorian ambiance with overstuffed velvet chairs and sofas welcomes the public into this opulent den decorated in rich red and purple tones. The champagne served here has escaped the confines of its stuffy bottles and jumped into mixtures in large punch bowls with various ingredients such as elderflower liqueur, muddled blackberries, orange bitters, and blood peach puree. And after a bowl gets you a little tipsy and you get the munchies, indulge in their sweet or savoury fondues.

    Beauty & Essex, 146 Essex St (212) 614-0146


    If all of the above options are too stuffy or rich for your blood then the last and only free option on the list is the ladies' bathroom at Beauty & Essex. The bathroom is more like a lounge where the bathrooms are tucked discreetly behind a wall and guests are greeted with large mirrors, plush sofas and a tiny corner bar with a female bartender pushes free champagne to anyone who crosses her path. I know you boys are thinking that you are left out of this option but if you have a girl that cares, maybe she will bring you back a glass.

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