Mary-Kate Olsen Just About The Only One Getting In To The Jane These Days

by Chiara Atik · May 25, 2010

    The Jane Ballroom has been pretty quiet since the re-opening. In an effort to avoid the wrath of the neighbors, the nightspot has implemented stricter door policies so people won't queue outside in the hopes of possibly getting in: pretty much the only person guaranteed admittance night after night is regular Mary-Kate Olsen.-

    Home girl just LOVES the Jane. She uses it as a venue for self-expression; a safe haven to try out new looks, like Terry Richardson's glasses.

    And wizard robes. Which she seems to like.

    And war paint.

    And highlights.

    And camera-shy French designers.

    See? You can be anything you want at The Jane.

    [Photos via Terry's Diary]