Max Fish & Pink Pony To Remain Open For At LEAST Another Year, Twitter Reacts

by Mara Siegler · January 13, 2011

    Since it was announced that Max Fish was closing, it's seen a lot of packed nights filled with those wishing to pay their respects. The same goes for neighbor Pink Pony. But those who shed a tear over the LES institutions can rejoice. Both will stay open for at least another year! What saved them?

    Max Fish and Pink Pony were both shutting up shop due to rising rents with some reports estimating that it was being tripled. Fish owner Ullie Rimkus was able to come to an agreement with Arwen Properties to extend their current lease agreement until Jan. 31, 2012, reports PAPER. This will give the bar time to find a new location or a figure out a way to make enough to pay the future increase in rent. But would you keep going if your drink costs $12? Probably not. Jacking prices would make the place loose its essence.

    “People sort of treated the situation like a relative with terminal cancer,” Shannon Moore, who works at Max Fish as a bouncer, told NY Times. “There was a mass reaction to be in there as much as possible before it was over. But the space is just the space. 178 Ludlow didn’t make Max Fish; Max Fish made 178 Ludlow.”

    True, but people are definitely going to enjoy the year long last call. Some reactions to the news from the Twittesphere:

    Max Fish to stay open another year? Then this wasn't my last weekend there. SO relieved.

    Huzzah! One for the good guys!

    This has helped my hangover no end RT @: NYC legendary Max Fish to Stay Open For Another Year

    just found out Max Fish renewed their lease for another year. now my "i gotta get really fucked up there all the time" excuse is not valid.