For the discerning, stylish crowd who demands more than just a dime a dozen martini or a can of the hipster beer du jour, Mister Paradise is the new East Village watering hole everyone will be talking about. 

Tucked over on First Avenue between 6th and 7th, the soon-to-be hot spot features a très Instagrammable emerald green bar, bathrooms modeled after room 237 in The Shining, and an all-red VIP Room that's meant to feel like a set piece from A Clockwork Orange. So, as can be inferred, this place is pretty fucking cool.

And as for the most important part of any bar, the cocktails, the world-class bar team creates their own riffs on classics uses techniques you've definitely never seen before. Think an Old Fashioned completely prepared before service (using sous vide to preserve flavors), Dirty Martinis with umami twists, or chasing whiskey with pickling brine mignotte that’s been clarified and frozen into a granita. 

Oh, and as if that wasn't intriguing enough, they have gourmet Hot Pockets.

Yes, gourmet Hot Pockets.

The menu will also see many a sweet and savory option, from a cubano sandwich and a McDonald's-esque apple pie, to a burger shining with a lip licking level of grease, topped with caramelized onions and house-made bacon flavored American cheese. 

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[Photos courtesy Mister Paradise]