New York's Leap Year Parties: Feb Club, Brucennial, Dinner Psychics, And More

by Daniel Reynolds · February 28, 2012

    If you're one of those lost, Leap Year souls born on February 29th, you've probably been missing out on birthday parties for years.  The good news? You get to drink when you're six years old!  But that's not all. According to an awful movie starring Amy Adams, Leap Day is the only acceptable time for a woman to propose to a man. And since there are now officially more single men than women in New York City, y'all are running out of excuses.

    Basically, it's a holiday for attention-starved children and desperate women.  I'd say that's enough reason to drink.  Here's a few Leap Day parties you won't want to skip.

    Village Pourhouse's Leap Year Birthday Celebration

    Luckily for Leap Day babies everywhere, the event planner at the Village Pourhouse, Cari Gelber, is also a Feb 29er, and she's organized a big birthday bash at the downtown bar.  Since the "official" age range of everyone is around 6-10, the party plays to the inner child, featuring Wii, Rockband, party games, and pinatas.  And of course, booze.  Free cake, champagne and shots are served to anyone who can prove that it's actually their birthday.

    Village Pourhouse Downtown, 64 Third Ave.  For more information, go HERE.

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    Leap Year Dinner at the Americano

    Like presidential elections, Leap Year comes around only once every four years. Celebrate the occasion with a romantic dinner at the Americano, which for the occasion has brought together famed Mexican Chef Abigail Mendoza and her sisters Rufina and Marcelina, renowned for their indigenous Zapotec cuisine.

    Enjoy this fine Mexican-inspired meal while receiving a reading from psychic Linda Joyce, "on hand to guide diners through the spiritual side of leap year."  If the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have taught us anything, it's that a psychic makes for great dinner entertainment.

    Hotel Americano, 518 W. 27 St.  $85/per person.  For more information, go HERE.

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    Ice Cream at Bill's Bar and Burger

    If psychics and Zapotec cuisine aren't your thing, stop by Bill's Bar and Burger for more traditional fare.  Leap Year birthday boys and girls get free ice cream from this restaurant, described as "f***ing fantastic" by  Every burger and fry is made fresh daily, and the Rockefeller Center location, at 400 seats, is "the biggest standalone burger joint in the country."  Not that size matters.

    Bill's Bar and Burger, Rockefeller Center: 16 W. 51 St.  Meatpacking District: 22 9th Ave.  For more information, go HERE.

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    2012 Brucennial

    The sort-of-biennial art event, Brucennial, is having their Opening Reception this Wednesday, a diverse exhibition of at least 376 artists ranging from the obscure to the celebrated.  Titled “Harderer. Betterer. Fasterer. Strongerer," the event isn't officially linked to Leap Year, but it certainly fits the theme, as everyone from subway graffitists to Damien Hirst may be making appearances.  Be sure and attend so you can "spot" him!

    Brucennial, 159 Bleecker St.  Opening Reception: Wednesday, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  For more information, go HERE.

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    Feb Club

    Described as one of the largest parties in the world, Feb Club is organized by Yale Alumni throughout the month of February, and hosts events in nearly every major city.  This Wednesday at Jake's Dilemma marks the closing party in New York City, moved especially so it would occur on Leap Day, the last day of the month.  So grab a Mory's Cup and a Yale alum, because you won't get in without a Bulldog friend!

    Jake's Dilemma, 430 Amsterdam Ave.  $15/per person.  Register HERE.

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    Happy Leap Day, everybody!

    [Betty Hange celebrates her 23rd birthday in Leap Years, via]