Nightlife News Round Up, Wednesday January 4, 2012

by Ramya Velury · January 4, 2012

    From party photos, to Catch's reviews, to Club XIX's staff shakeup, to LES secret dance parties, check out today's Nightlife News Round Up!

    1. Dina Litovsky dishes on photography and social media. Linda Litovsky is a weathered experienced nightlife photographer who created a nightlife series called "Untag This Photo." It was assumed that people would be more careful about their pictures spreading over internet; however, Litovsky was surprised to found that our culture has grown in to a "look at me" culture. These pictures are becoming more sexualized and uninhibited when taking pictures, even with the apparent damaging effects of social media. [Business Insider]

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    2. Catch Restaurant receives poor reviews. Food critic, Ryan Sutton, commended the restaurant for its "high class" feel with their washroom service, expensive prices, and backing from the likes of Jonathan Cheban and Hung Huynh; however, this feel was very short-lived. Receiving only one star, Sutton compared Catch to the Red Lobster for being mediocre and overly loud. [Bloomberg]

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    3. Club XIX has lost it's main man. Attracting celebrities like Sammy Adams, Club XIX may have celebrated its last new year. The owner of XIX, Ruben (@BXRUBE), announced via Twitter his split with the spot and plans to start another club that is bigger and better. With the help of @NYNightlife, news traveled quickly.

    @NYNightlife tweeted:

    "Got the word @BXRUBE has left XIX. Heard the current staff/promoters are leaving as well.”

    @SammyAdams tweeted:

    "RIP Clubhouse. Love u @BXRUBE where we movin?!!!!!! RT @ruddyrock: #RIPXIX"

    @DJPRICE tweeted:

    @DJPRICE: It pains me to see one of my favorite venues for music to be gone #RIPXIX

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    UPDATE: XIX will not be closing, however the former restaurant Travertine, located upstairs, will re-open in February.  Rivera's exit may have something to do with ushering in new management. [Eater]

    4. LES Open House holds secret dance parties. Looking nothing like a bar from the outside, Open House houses a secret sound-proof annex that lies behind a wall made of beer bottles. Though the upstairs is quite and serene, this annex is the center of a "secret" wild and crazy dance party that has caught the attention of many. [UrbanDaddy]

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    5. Central Park has its own nightlife. With less dubsteb and more sounds of nature, Central Park has become a popular nighttime hangout. Before, people were told to steer clear from Central Park at night; however, it has recently seen a large decrease in crime. People can walk their dogs or jog as late as 3 a.m. without being concerned for their safety. A large reason for this decrease in crime is because of the Central Park Conservancy. They have added more shifts and personnel making the park much safer. [New York Times]

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