Nightlife News Roundup, December 2nd, 2011

by Tracey Lewis · December 2, 2011

    The Darby has its first birthday, Fabrizio Goldstein gets a faux reality show, Yale offers a course in nightlife, NY's biggest gay club prepares to open, and so much more in today's Nightlife News Roundup.

    1. Scott Sartiano says that opening The Darby was a long process, but one year later, he is already thinking about expanding. "We love the concept, and people really seem to love the concept too. So, we think it's something we're doing elsewhere, and I think you're going to see other people copy it," he said in an interview with Eater. [Eater]

    2. You haven't brunched until you've brunched with Fabrizio Goldstein, the self-proclaimed "Fat Jew" / "King of Brunch" who is currently working on a reality show titled "Girlhattan." [TheDaily]

    3. Yale, otherwise know for outstanding academics, is offering a Grade-A course in NYC club hopping. [GofG]

    4. XL, a gay bar formerly housed in Chelsea, has found a new home in New York's first gay hotel, The Out NYC. It will reopen as a mega dance club, theater and event space early next year [Nearsay].

    5. The Gerber Group has given the former Underbar at the W Union Square a facelift. The new bar, Lilium, will open on December 12. [BlackBook]

    6. It may be lights off for the Dark Room, literally. An establishment with the trade name "Bodegas" is vying for the subterranean dive bar/awkward dance club hybrid. Hopefully this means loose cigarettes and cheap 40s. [BoweryBoogie]

    7. Vanity Fair Editor-in-chief Graydon Carter is said to be involved with the Beatrice Inn Revamp. The journalist and sometime-restaurateur is listed as the principal on a newly submitted liquor license application. [GrubStreet]