Nightlife News Roundup, Monday, January 23rd, 2012

by Courtney McGowan · January 23, 2012

    40/40 Club is already fined by the Department of Health, the epic saga that is Le Baron lives on, Tiesto celebrates his 43rd (?) birthday at Lavo, Ludlow Manor is slapped with a fine (again) and so much more in today's nightlife news roundup.

    1.  Jay-Z has 69 problems, and the 40/40 club is one. The recently re-launched Flatiron club was hit with a C-grade and a staggering 69 violation points by the Department of Health last Thursday- due to "failure to keep food at appropriate temperatures" and a "lack of employee cleanliness". Apparently one worker was seen mixing salsa with his bare hands.  To be fair, the spoons were probably really dirty. [NYPost]

    2. Le Baron did NOT open this Sunday. Or maybe it did? But it probably didn't. [NYNightlife]

    New York Nightlife (@NYNightlife) tweeted:

    I still have no idea if Le Baron is going to be open tonight.

    Le Baron's final staff interviews are Tuesday, so opening tonight seems unlikely #FromTheInbox

    3. Tiesto partied all over town for his 43rd. The world-renowned Dutch DJ started his birthday week off with 43 bottles of Veuve Cliquot at Lavo, followed by a night with the Koch Bros at MPD, and finished his party marathon at Avenue and 1Oak around 5 a.m. [NYPost]

    4.  Ludlow Manor cannot catch a break. The 3-story nightlife newcomer, owned by Lady Gaga-ex Luc Carl, has lost its liquor license and been slapped with a $10,000 fine for not serving food, as stipulated in their liquor license, while also utilizing top levels without permission.  Yikes. Perhaps there will be a "closed for renovations" sign in the manor's near future. [BoweryBoogie]

    5. The Boombox party hit the streets of Manhattan this past weekend. This year's theme was "business attire"- strictly suits, ties, glasses, rolodexes, post-its and the like.  New Yorkers gathered in Union Square on Saturday at 9pm, and I can safely assume there were at least 20 "that guy"'s blasting Peter Gabriel. [Gothamist]

    6.  Something unsavory went down at W.I.P. this past Saturday. According to some partiers, Greenhouse's basement club wouldn't let anyone in, or out for that matter, while the 5-0 set up shop outside checking I.D.s.

    7.  Man admits to killing Brooklyn dancer after meeting her at Marquee. Michael Mele admitted to killing Laura Garza after meeting her at Marquee 3 years ago.  Mele, a convicted sex offender, explained,

    "Laura was in my apartment, and she saw a picture of a girl and female-related items that were my girlfriend's. She was upset ... she wanted to leave. I didn't want to drive back then," Mele said. "She got upset ... she started to get a little louder. I put my hand over her mouth and partially her nose, and shortly after that, she stopped yelling, stopped moving, and I realized something bad had happened."

    Mele was sentenced 23 years. [NYPost]