Now Taking Membership Applications At The Country Club, NYC

by Rachelle Hruska · July 24, 2008

    The Country Club, NYC [Guests brave the weather,and the tough door, at the opening of The Country Club on 14th st]

    Go HERE for more photos of this event by Kashish Shrestha.

    This isn't your typical preppy filled joint. The Country Club of New York is FINALLY open on 14th street, and, from the looks of it, getting your business squared away before your grand opening really does pay off.  Guests braved out the detrimental weather conditions so that they could be among the first leave their marks in the green and white striped booths, rub against the freshly leathered walls, and give the Club's extensive Bellini Menu a try (see below).  Imagine:

    The Rolling Stones recording an album at a traditional English Manor and the environment that would be left upon the album’s completion.”

    The Country Club, NYCThe Country Club, NYCThe Country Club, NYC

    More photos and story below:

    The Country Club, NYCThat was Jeani Ziering's vision for the place, and, it would be a big job to undertake; transforming a place that once had "Diry Disco" as it's title.  Jeani is a renowned interior designer who is best know for her private residences in Palm Beach, Southampton, and the UES.  They seem to have found the perfect fit. And,  let's just face it, as much as you may say you WANT to escape those places of pristine order, it's got to be fun to let loose in them once in awhile.  This little spot down on 14th street is a proper combination of both worlds.

    I am upset that I missed the party last night, but, it looks like there were more than enough new "members" to fill my place including Mario Cantone (from Sex and the City), Matt Servitto, Catherine Malandrino, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Wyatt Angelo, Loni Anee, Will DeMeo, Summer Rej, Francesca Bean, Izzy Gold, Kristian Laliberte, Devorah Rose, Alan Phillips, and Carter Cramer.

    The Country Club, NYCThe Country Club, NYCThe Country Club, NYC

    Bellini Menu $12-$14

    Blood Orange Bordeaux Chocolate Espresso Classic (White Peach) Lavender & Peach New Classic (White Peach & Ginger) Orange Cardamom Pomegranite-Cranberry Roasted Pear Very Berry (Strawberry/Blueberry/Blackberry)

    The Country Club, NYCThe Country Club, NYCThe Country Club, NYC

    The Country Club 248 W 14th street