NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Friday

by Mara Siegler · May 20, 2011

    Nights and Weekends is now open;  Hotel Americano is in previews;  South Street Seaport Water Taxi Beach opens in a week;Mars Bar is dunzo; The Times checks out the Darby Downstairs and discovers guest lists; "creepers," hit da clubs and more. Today's nightlife roundup is ready to party like it's the end of the world!

    1. Nights and Weekends Is Now Open [T]

    Five Leaves, the Brooklyn cafe and bar known for its ties to the late actor Heath Ledger, has expanded with Nights and Weekends, located around the corner on Bedford Avenue. The new space serves Caribbean food, lots of rum, measures 750-square-feet, has three large galvanized metal doors and two fold-up windows that open onto the sidewalk.

    "The interior of Nights and Weekends will be a departure from the ubiquitous speakeasy. Mongell’s good friend and motorcycle comrade Ray Abeyta lent his artwork, and Tall Cotton Supply sourced salvaged wood floors and purple glass from a turn of the century Virginia hardware store. “We’re obsessed with choppers — all that stuff,” Mongell says. “It’s more like a garage in South America.”

    2. The Times Checks Out The Darby Downstairs [NYT]

    The NYT journeys down to the basement of the Darby to check out the downstairs which opened in April. Although run by Butter and 1Oak's they forgo bottle service.

    "GETTING IN After work, the entrance is inviting. But as the night progresses, Mauricio, the doorman, keeps a tight seal on the place, although he’s friendly and listens to pleas. Eating upstairs will give you a leg up, but not a guarantee."

    3. Introducing Hotel Americano [PXThis]

    Chelsea newcomer Hotel Americano will house a French-inspired Latin restaurant with outdoor patio space on the main level, two indoor bar/lounges, and an additional restaurant/lounge on the roof along with a lap swimming pool. It hosted a preview cocktail party and has several private events lined up. It should be open in July.

    4. South Street Seaport Water Taxi Beach Lives! Will Reopen Next Week! [DNAInfo]

    A revamped Water Taxi Beach on Pier 17, at South Street Seaport, will reopen for the summer with a paella festival May 23. Instead of the usual low-end, high-fun cheesiness, the space will be more upscale with vegetation, craft beers and a menu that includes bratwurst and lobster rolls.

    Slate's Telly Hatzigeorgiou, who tried to take over the space but could not get approval from the community board, will help run the venue this summer.  Fox is now applying to change the beach's name to Beekman Beer Garden this summer.

    5. Mars Bar Is Really Officially Dead For Good [EV Grieve]

    At this point we've got a bit of a dead-horse-beating situation on our hands, but we thought we should let you know that the city has approved demolition permits to destroy Mars Bar for good. The world really is ending.

    6. Keith Friedman Isn't Buying Elain's [NYP]

    Restaurateur Ken Friedman, owner of The Spotted Pig, The Breslin and the John Dory Oyster Bar, was rumored to be partnering with Graydon Carter and Patroon's Ken Aretsky to take over Elaine's. He isn't.

    "They asked me to get involved in buying Elaine's. I said I was not interested. I never even go that far uptown, and the only time I went to Elaine's -- 10 years ago -- she threw me out because my cellphone rang. And the food was inedible. I love Graydon and want to do something with him, but certainly not Elaine's."

    He may join Carter and Jeff Klein's Monkey Bar.

    7. Clubs Have Permanent Guestlists, iPads [NYT]

    Clubs have guestlists. You knew this. They also have core lists, or permanent lists of VIPs that can skip the line.

    Lavo has sent out cards for boldface names and industry bigwigs

    1Oak refers to theirs as a the Bible, which has been cobbled together from the owners’ previous establishments, including Life and Lotus

    Matt Abramcyk, the Beatrice Inn alumnus who now runs the Bunker Club, keeps his on an iPad

    The Top of the Standard's Andre Balazs refers to his as a “core list.”

    8. East Village Brewery & Beer Plagiarizes Prime Meats Menu [Eater]

    East Village Brewery & Beer Shop, a new operation opening soon at 14 Avenue B, has ripped off Brooklyn restaurant Prime Meats menu...exactly.

    They have apologized, saying the menu was only for "aspirational purposes." [EVGrieve]

    9. Snoop Dogg Chilling With Owner Of The Box [PageSix] [Image via]

    In order to prepare for an upcoming role as a nightclub owner in a movie, Snoop Dogg is reportedly collaborating with Richard Kimmel, theater director and managing partner of swanky cabaret joint The Box.  Fingers crossed for a hip hop version of Moulin Rouge.

    10. Former Superdive Space Could Be Getting Arty Replacement [DNAInfo]

    Superdive is slated to get a second life as a gallery/restaurant. Representatives for the space were rejected by Community Board 3's liquor license committee.  If they manage to make changes and convince them, you could find yourself enjoying a "salon -like" atmosphere that serves locally-sourced food and offers a "tea sommelier."

    11. NYDN Coins New(ish-esqu) Nightlife Term: Creeper [NYDN][Image via]

    Um, new trend alert? Dudes at clubs are kind of d-bags, a-holes, skuzzballs, what have you.  You knew that, but did you know the newfangled term being used (or made up and printed) about these guys: creeper.

    Here's the definition:

    "There is a difference between a "creep" — a run-of-the-mill jerk or weirdo — and a "creeper," a guy whose overtures give you the shivers."

    Here's an example:

    "He went up to them on Saturday, asked all these personal questions and just ... leered," Luke said of Ryan. "And he kept forcing tequila shots on them. It's sad because he's pretty good-looking. There's no reason for him to be a creeper."

    Have a great weekend everyone! May you all survive and be back next week!