NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Friday

by Mara Siegler · June 17, 2011

    A list of bars to hang with the man who gave you life this Father's Day; a list of places participating in Cocktail Week; the dumbest profile ever done by the New York Times; updates on the ongoing nightlife pop-up trend; a chance at booze at a cigar shop and more. Today's nightlife is TGIsit6pmyet?

    1. NYC's Macho-est Bars For Father's Day [TheFeast] [Image via]

    Due to the perpetually rainy weather, spending Father's Day on the golf course or grilling may be out of the question. The next best bet is a manly, testosterone-fueled bar. The Feast has a list of NYC most macho places for throwing back a cold one with Dad, including McSorley's and Larry Flynt's Hustler Club.

    2. It's Cocktail Week In NYC! [] is holding its first annual NYC Cocktail Week. From June 15 to 29, they've got the Clover Club, Death & Company, Employees Only, Pegu Club, and more to offer a very special menu. For $20.11 you'll get two cocktails and an appetizer for just $20.11.  Funds go to City Harvest's fight against hunger and The Museum of the American Cocktail's efforts to preserve mixological history.

    3. NYT Profiles Guy Who Uses Ice Trays [NYT]

    I have a major problem with the whole "ice trend." In fact, it infuriates me. It's ice, everyone, just frozen fucking water. It's been around forever. Anyway....

    The Darby charging two extra dollars for it,  Sasha Petraske, has launched an artisanal ice company, Hundredweight Ice, and charges big bucks for it,  and now this: a NYT profile on a man who uses ice trays.

    Eben Freeman, director of bar operations and innovation for Altamarea Group, a company that owns restaurants like Marea and Ai Fiori gives away his expert secret:

    "The key is to “take the time to fill the trays all the way up,” he said, “and to always wash them after you’re done. Don’t just refill them.” Also, it helps “not have stinky stuff in your freezer, because ice can absorb the smells.”

    Got that?  Fill your clean ice trays with water.  You can spend a lot of money on the trays he recommends from MOMa or you can get into the ice age with some cheap, but ultra-hip suggestions from GofG. Drink your drink cold, without being a d-bag about it.

    [The Best Guests Come Bearing Gifts: The Coolest Ice Cubes For Your Summer Drinks ]

    5. Pop-Up Parties Rage On [GofG]

    Pop-Up restaurants have been super hot this summer, and nightlife is taking the cue. First, Simonez Wolf's Madame Wong's sprung up at Jobee's, was shut down by the cops and is now up and running again. That counts for 2 pop-ups.

    Next, we have tonight's Dirty Disco Laundromatt in Brooklyn. The people behind the event have converted a laundromat into "one of the wildest and most visually stunning (underwear) parties the city has seen," an announcement promises. Cocktails are detergent themed and free with your ticket.

    6. Nat Sherman Trying To Add Booze At His Cigar Shop [Gothamist]

    Tobacconist Nat Sherman is trying to allow booze in his cigar store, a move which if it goes through will make the $1,000 a year membership dues seem far less steep.  Could it happen?

    The law currently allows smoking in tobacco shops, but not in places serving food or alcohol (or are park benches and open spaces).  Some cigar bars were exempt from the smoking ban under a grandfather clause, but according to Gothamist, "Nat Sherman missed out because it was in the process of moving its store, and the city has twice rejected their request for a waiver."

    Nictone-stained fingers crossed.

    7. Justin Bartha Got "Roughed Up" At Dream Downtown Opening [P6]

    Things got quasi-not-really violent at the Dream Downtown opening on Weds. Page Six reports:

    "Hangover" star Justin Bartha was roughed up in jam-packed penthouse lounge PH-D at the grand opening of the the Dream Downtown hotel on Wednesday night. When Bartha climbed into a neighboring banquette to chat up a red-haired hottie, an unidentified man defending his territory roughly shoved Bartha away. Looking stunned, Bartha walked off while onlookers scowled."