NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Friday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 11, 2011

    Double Seven has trouble finding a doorman, Armin Amiri will throw Fashion Week parties at Mister H., and Patti Smith goes old school. Plus, the importance of a wingman.  It's all here in your Friday nightlife round-up.

    1. Double Seven Is Having Trouble Choosing A Doorman [GofG]

    Last night at Richie Rich's Villionaire show, Mark Baker told us that David Rabin and he are having trouble choosing a doorman for the much-delayed opening Double Seven next month. It will not be Henri, the erstwhile commissionaire, and Baker was mum about the final selections. But he is indeed finding the selection process a struggle. He claimed nightlife has been ruined by hotel clubs and bars and anticipates Double Seven as a return to great nightlife.

    2. Armin Amiri's New Bar At the Mondrian Will Host Big Parties [NY Post]

    "Armin Amiri's new bar at the Mondrian, Mister H., will host parties for Prabal Gurung and Derek Lam during Fashion Week."

    Anticipation has been building for the famed doorman of Bungalow 8 and Socialista to return to his suave ways within the clubs after his incubation period. These pre-parties will be a definitive get in New York nightlife.

    3. Patti Smith Wows Bowery Attendees With Poetry [Soundsystemnyc]

    "In a church service like no other, "godmother of Punk" Patti Smith brought a couple hundred people to their feet Wednesday night at St. Mark's Church, fists pumping and voices rising to the 200-year-old ceiling to the tune of 'Gloria,' the lead track off her revolutionary punk-rock-meets-poetry album, Horses. Forty years ago today, she and guitarist Lenny Kaye did their first poetry performance in this very spot, with New York legends Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Sam Shepard, Robert Mapplethorpe and others in the front row of the audience. Last night, those ghosts were palpable in the space simply referred to as 'the sanctuary.'"

    Living New York nightlife history.

    4. Friday Night Throwdown Will Inspire A Movie [The Lowdown NY]

    The whole underground Fight Club craze is taking a cinematic spin.

    "Yesterday we linked to the New York Times' feature on 'Friday Night Throwdown,' the uber-hip underground boxing event frequently held in LES warehouse spaces. Later in the day, I spoke with filmmaker Michelle Groskopf, who's making a documentary about Throwdown's biggest star. Several years ago, Michelle recognized the up-and-come, sometimes referred to as 'Rockstar Charlie,' was someone to watch. He's now an undefeated boxer aiming for the super middleweight title of the Golden Gloves."

    Apparently 'Rockstar Charlie' is an aspiring model just in time for Fashion Week.

    5. Five Tips On Being A Good Wing Man [Club Planet]

    "It seems that there is almost nothing that picking up someone and war doesn't have in common. Regardless of what kind of target you are looking to engage for the evening, the battle field of being single is full of complications and factors that even the most veteran of solo warriors can't possibly anticipate or navigate without the backup of a trustworthy and equally as seasoned wingman."

    It gets worse from there...