NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Monday

by Mara Siegler · April 4, 2011

    Long Island City's Water Taxi Beach may not open this summer, the bikini dive bar Port 41 shuttered, and the East Village has 474 places licensed to sell hooch in the hood. Nur Khan remembers Don Hill, Lindsay Lohan forgets she is supposed to be sober, drunk drivers get arrested in the LES and more. Today's nightlife roundup is getting careless.

    1. Water Taxi Might Not Open (Alt title: Summer Saturdays Ruined?) [Eater]

    Sandy faux beach and perfect pre and post Warm Up at PS 1 spot, Water Taxi Beach, might not open this year! It's  "on the rocks" due to a city construction project. A rep says they're negotiating to keep the space or obtain one like it nearby. They'll know within the month. Where will the Euro hipsters go after clapping to techno in the blazing sun inside of an art instillation? They'll probably be forced to go to Dutch Kills which 1) Is not outside, 2) Takes 20 minutes to make and serve your drink.

    The South Street Seaport is good to go on May 5 and the Governors Island location debuts on Memorial Day, so there will still be spots for you to get your urban beach on.

    2. Paul Sevigny, Nur Khan Remember Don Hill [BlackBook] [Image Via]

    Steve Lewis write a very touching tribute to Don Hill. He speaks to both Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan, as well as gives his own memories and a recap of the tribute held at Don Hill's.

    "I'm so glad we were able to carry on the legacy cuz I’m just as passionate about everything he was. It’s almost like it was supposed to be. I’ll make him proud. Gonna put a lot of heads together for this one and give him a good send off," said Nur.

    Steve's worries as to what will happen now:

    "In an age where bottle service pays the bills, greed might win out. Paul and Nur will do their best, no doubt, but death brings vulture—types who feed on despair and confusion. They may have other less fabulous ideas about the property. We must support the legacy of Don Hill, and maintain one of the few places in town where guys like him and I could actually hang out. Don Hill was a gentleman, and that’s the greatest compliment I have about a fellow."

    3. East Village Is NYC's Booziest Neighborhood [NYP]

    The Post conducted an analysis of state liquor licenses by ZIP code and discovered that the East Village's 10003 has the most with 474 bars, restaurants and corner stores licensed to sell hooch in the hood. I could have told you this by mere observation.

    "It's like a red-light district," said Andrew Coamey, 44, a CFO who lives in the East Village. "It's honking cabs all night. It's like a bad, disturbing dream."

    Minus the hookers and legal drugs. Community Boards are cracking down and trying to make it harder to get a liquor license.

    The Post also surveyed for self-described "bingedrinkers," i.e. those who consume more than five drinks in one sitting once a month, i.e. this past Saturday, and found the most in Chelsea's 1011,  East Harlem, the Upper East Side,  Gramercy, Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

    4. LES Drunk Driving Reports Continue To Rise [Gothamist]

    While the Lower East Side had some of the lowest DWI arrest numbers in the city last year, it saw the highest increases in arrests. And the trend continues with 65 DWI arrests in the area this year, a number up from 23 over the same period last year. The Seventh Precinct has created the Cabaret Unit to deal with nightlife-related crime and is being helped out by the NYPD's Mounted Unit.Stop drinking and driving people! Take a taxi/the subway!

    5. Port 41 Shuttered For Underage Drinking [DnaInfo][Image Via]

    Port 41, a bikini bar dive, has been shut down after a string of underaged drinking citations. Port 41's owner is scheduled to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court on April. Meanwhile, the 21 and unders have found somewhere else to drink while those 21 and above struggle to find somewhere else to be served by women like those in the photo above. Good luck with that.

    6. Shake Shack To Open In Battery Park City [DnaInfo]

    "The much-anticipated Shake Shack near North End Avenue is beginning to hire workers and will open in May, according to a job posting on Craigslist."

    The new location will be in the Embassy Suites building by the new Goldman Sachs headquarters. It's just one of three Danny Meyer restaurants slated for that building.

    7. Lindsay Lohan Might Not Be Drinking But Probably Is [Gatecrasher][Image Via]

    Lindsay Lohan is continuing her tour of New York bars! This Friday she hit the Cut Copy after-party at RiffRaff's  before hitting the Top of the Standard.

    "At approximately 3:15 a.m., LiLo entered the upstairs bathroom near the roof-deck with three men. Only moments later, however, Lohan and one of her three companions quickly departed, while the two other men remained inside for several minutes."

    Her reason for running is rumored to have been coke. She said no to that, but the paper reports that during dinner with her little sis, little brother, and Vikram Chatwal, she had pizza accompanied with kosher wine. 8. Elton John & Steve Martin Sing And Dance On Tables At Primehouse [PageSix]

    Steve Maryin stopped by Elton John's SNL celebration party this weekend at Primehouse, where he jumped on the table to serenade the superstar.

    "SNL" alum Steve Martin jumped on a banquette to roast the host in song, a spy said. John quickly jumped up to join him in front of guests including John's partner, David Furnish, Lorne Michaels and most of the "SNL" cast. Earlier, John gave an extra performance for the live audience on-set, rocking the house with "The Bitch Is Back.""