NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Tuesday

by Mara Siegler · April 12, 2011

    Matt Levine's plans to take over Mason Dixon go down in boos, Brooklyn Brewery gets protective of their logo, Charlie Sheen parties BBQ-style, Julia Styles hits Mulberry Project, and Jay-Z and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted at the same club. Today's nightlife roundup wishes it hadn't drank so much last night!

    1. Matt Levine Booed By Community Board, Not ready To Play Nice With LES [Eater]

    As wanna be model Sean Hughes preps to open the former Eldridge space as EastBridge, Matt Levine is looking for a venue to house his next endeavor. He has his eyes on Mason Dixon, the mechanical bull bar that was recently shutdown for serving minors, and would like to redo the space as a New American restaurant with deli meats hanging in the windows. But it seems unlikely he'll have his way. During last night's Community Board 3 meeting, Matt dissed the neighborhood when they didn't jump on board with a 4am close time.

    "Neighbors said they'd be okay with a midnight close on weekdays and a 2AM close on weekends. Someone mentioned that nearby, Beauty & Essex closes at 2AM on the weekends. However Levine stuck to his 4AM. The community was unwilling to budge, and neither was Levine. He said he would seek another space and leave the community with the "vomit on the sidewalk," to which people immediately started booing. In the end they withdrew because they were unable to come to an agreement with the stipulations."

    2. What else happened during the Community Board meeting? [Eater]

    Not a Bookstore LLC was seeking a full license at the the old Superdive space on Avenue A to create a  "salon,"  that is part gallery/restaurant/artist's residency with a garden where they will grow herbs for the kitchen. They were given a no despite how nice that sounds.

    Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop will soon be serving wine and beer!

    Percy's Tavern over at 210 Avenue A will not be allowed outdoor seating.

    3. Pizza Joint In Texas Rips Off Brooklyn Brewery [FreeWilliamsburg]

    According to the Brooklyn Brewery blog a pizza joint in Dallas, Eno’s Pizza Tavern, ripped off the recognizable Brooklyn Brewery logo.

    "It appears that Eno’s Pizza Tavern in Dallas, TX exhausted a great amount of energy and resources to develop an original logo for their business. Or perhaps they were drinking a bottle of Brooklyn beer and noticed that reflected in a mirror, a backwards B resembles an E? Either way, those smoke and mirrors don’t fool us!"

    4. Charlie Sheen Brings Winning To Southern Hospitality [PageSix]

    Charlie Sheen celebrated his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" with dinner at Southern Hospitality Sunday night. James Lipton and Darryl Strawberry were in attendance, as well as actor-turned rapper Simon Rex. Charlie, always one to go to excess, was overheard saying he "wanted to go into a barbecue coma."

    5. Jay-Z & Leonardo DiCaprio Hang At Juliet, Julia Stiles Heads To Mulberry Project [Gatecrasher]

    Jay-Z and Leonardo DiCaprio both hit Juliet on Monday night, separately. Jay-Z drank Black Label and got into his own songs, while Leo did his thing and checked out at 2:30am. Meanwhile, friends from Columbia University Julia Stiles and Vanessa Carlton enjoyed dinner and bespoke cocktails at Chinatown's newest hotspot, the Mulberry Project.