NYC Nightlife: Everything You need To Know Wednesday

by Mara Siegler · May 4, 2011

    A look at Crown, a peek inside Theater Bar, the ongoing saga involving the failure of Water Taxi Beach,and a goodbye to Superdive. Plus a smackdown on orgies and burlesque girls and an emergence of cheap vodka, hipsterz doin drugz, and robotenders. What? Oh yeah.

    1. A Look At Crown, John DeLucie's New UES Hotspot [GofG]

    After the Met Ball, guests head to the official after party at Crown in their finest designer ball gowns. We take a look at  this new hotspot, set to be open to the public in June.

    2. Cinco de Mayo Guide! [GofG]

    Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo! Whether you're going to enjoy the festivities for the entire day or go hard after work, here's a list of places around the city ready and able to fill your tequila and mariachi band needs!

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    3. A Look Inside Albert Trummer's Theater Bar [MetroMix]

    Albert Trummer's much anticipated Theater Bar finally opened a few weeks ago. Metromix has a look inside and it looks awesome.

    Trummer is also offering up mixology classes for those interested in trying their hand at crafting cocktails. [TrummerMixology]

    4. Tom Fox Having Trouble Unloading Water Taxi Seaport Space [TribecaTrib]

    Tom Fox has faced big loses on Water Taxi Beach and hopes to pass the operation to Telly Hatzigeorgiou.

    Owner of Slate, a billiards and bar business on West 21st Street, Hatzigeorgiou, 44, planned to turn the area into the Beekman Beer Garden, with ping pong, fussball and pool by day and an event space at night. Now, looking for the committee’s advisory ap­proval on a liquor license transfer, Fox found himself in an unfamiliar position: ap­pealing to a community for their trust.

    They didn't quite offer it up. Hatzigeorgiou must shut off the music at midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends, earlier than than the 3 a.m. stipulation on Fox’s license. That leaves Fox back in charge of the Water Taxi Beach he’d hoped to sell.

    Meanwhile....from Gothamist, people are trying to save the LIC edition.

    Long Island City Water Taxi Beach is dead in the water, but one local is trying to petition to get it moved down shore. More than 1,000 people have signed Bea Murphy's petition, which asks the city to reconsider its previous rejection of WTB's proposal to move the beach while the city uses the previous beach area for staging storm sewer outfalls for the new Hunters Point South development.

    5. Orgys No Longer Allowed At The Chelsea Hotel [PageSix]

    Described by the post as "notorious orgy organizer,"  Palagia has been throwing monthly sex bashes at the Chelsea Hotel for eleven fricking years.  Not anymore. Her April 30 One Leg Up bash was canceled "due to liability." Hotel manager Arnold Tamasar told Palagia in an e-mail obtained by Page Six:

    "We would advise not to book any reservations under your name or alias . . . We are not honoring your reservation for today or future." Palagia's rep blamed the ban on an impending change in ownership of the hotel. It's allegedly in contract for $80 million, but the buyer remains a mystery. "Managers used to come to the party," her rep told us. "That's the saddest part because her parties are legendary. The Chelsea is her favorite location."

    They should just move them to the Standard Hotel.

    6. Plaza Hotel Sues Over Oak Room's Burlesque Nights [TheFeast][Image Via]

    Apparently we live in a puritanical city. Not only are you not allowed to have orgys in iconic hotels, but ladies will no longer be able to shake their ta-tas and dance with weirds props like balloons and giant fruit at them.

    "Plaza Hotel operators have sued the operators of its Oak Room after burlesque nights brought on alleged drug use and tarnished the reputation of the once-stuffy bar and restaurant. According to the $33.3 million suit filed against Jeffrey and Eli Gindi, those Sunday night cabaret performances were just the start of the venue's problems. Loud music, "vulgar" conduct, a "C" grade on recent health inspections and a mediocre total of 67 Zagat survey points also contributed to Plaza Accessory Owners LP's decision to seek damages."

    7. Goodbye Superdive [EvGrieve]

    The sign has been removed from the shuttered Superdive. It's not coming back.

    8. Robots Are You New Booze Overlords [Patch]

    Meet the "Barbot" a new mechanical gizmo that will mix your Jack and Cokes for you in Park Slope. The woman in the video describes it as "a stuffed animal."

    9. You've Been Paying Too Much For Vodka [Bloomberg Business Week]

    Since no one has a job and everyone is poor and wants to drink to chase away their recession blues, sales have risen of Wodka, absurdly cheap "premium" vodkas from Poland.

    Therein lies Big Vodka's dirty little secret: There isn't much difference between the absurdly expensive and the absurdly cheap. According to the U.S. government's Code of Federal Regulations, all vodka—no matter how many times it's distilled, whether it comes in a bottle shaped like a human skull, or even if P. Diddy endorses it—is defined as "without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color." Yet for years the industry has circumvented this snag through marketing gimmicks that make getting drunk seem like a gateway to fame and fortune.

    Wass Stevens, the door man at Avenue, was the face for the stuff and even made it onto a billboard last summer.

    10. Looking for some drugs? Go to Greenpoint! [NYP]

    Drug arrests for heroin and weed in Williamsburg and Greenpoint are rising.The picture above is the one they actually used to illustrate this because these junkies look wicked cracked out. Beware children. BEWARE.

    "Drug arrests in the 94th Precinct, which covers Greenpoint and Williamsburg's north side -- ground zero for the city's hipster community -- have jumped 33 percent so far this year compared to the same time period last year, police statistics show. Most of the 51 drug busts were for heroin and marijuana."