NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Wednesday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · March 2, 2011

    David Rabin returns to the Meatpacking district, Max Fish rises, Peri Wine Bar gets set to open, 1980's nightlife exposes itself on camera, and the Bartenders' Ball history reveals all. It's all here in today's bi-winning nightlife round-up.

    1. David Rabin's Return To The Meatpacking District [GofG]

    David Rabin, a pioneer of MPD, is itching to enter back into the neighborhood with a new Double Seven. He discusses at length the complicated logistics of opening a club and what he expects from his new 120-person cocktail bar at 63 Gansevoort.

    2. The New Yorker's Big Max Fish Piece [The New Yorker]

    The piece traces Ulli Rimkus and her Ludlow Street hot-spot, Max Fish. The history of the space, which opened in 1989, is of LES lore: while waiting for her liquor license, Rimkus made the place into an art gallery.

    But while Max Fish was set to go sleep officially on January 31, Rimkus extended the lease for another year. She is on the search for a new location. "I feel like it's not finished," Rimkus said.

    3. Peri Wine Bar To Open [The Lo-Down NY]

    "At the corner of Essex and Houston streets, where once a doodle-covered chalkboard dominated a dim dive bar, new French doors now throw light onto exposed brick walls. chandeliers and stylish wooden communal tables awaiting patrons-who presumably will arrive later this week. Owner Gokhan Cakmak said yesterday he will finally pop the cork of celebratory champagne on Thursday or Friday."

    4. 1980s Nightlife Caught On Camera [GofG]

    "On Thursday, Leica Gallery in Greenwich Village opens 'wowe: Nightclubing, New York Nightlife in the 80s,' a photo exhibition capturing the decade's glamorous and debauched club culture. Wolfgang Wesener's black & white portraits feature a slew of after-dark luminaries, some already established at the time (Andy Warhol, Grace Jones) and other just making names for themselves on the then-electric downtown scene (Madonna, Matt Dillon)."

    5. Insight into the Bartenders Ball [BlackBook]

    "The first Bartenders' Ball was held at the ancient Roseland Ballroom. I remember going with Michael Blatter to see the ancient venue. Gray-haired couples slow-danced to ancient music as we did our tour. The first Bartenders' Ball also featured Grace Jones and Run DMC. In later years, Debbie Harry performed, plus Ru Paul, the B-52s, James Brown, and Lenny Kravitz."