NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Wednesday

by Chelsea Burcz · March 9, 2011

    The Roseland Ballroom caught on fire, Wass Stevens can't keep his cool, Anthony Haden Guest gives us another look into nightlife, and we found some tips on how to split a check. It's all here in today's nightlife round-up.

    1. The Roseland Ballroom on fire! [Gothamist]

    The fire broke out around 10:20pm, and thankfully there were no shows scheduled last night.

    2. It's five o'clock somewhere! 9 of NYC's Best Cocktails. [Refinery29]

    Some that made the list: "The Red Snapper" by King Cole bar, The Freeman Cocktail from Freeman's Restaurant, and The Old Gunwhale from The Drink.

    3. The "beauty" of the nightlife from the perspective of a jaded New Yorker. [AbidNYC]

    "In the confines of a poorly-lit nightclub; "status updates" are written in which people advertise their every movement, gloating about their entrance into exclusive venues, or their physical proximity to a celebrity who knows, or cares, nothing of their existence; and ad infinitum."

    4. "How to Split a Check" [TheAwl]

    Who doesn't love eating out with friends? But how awkward can it be when that check comes at the end of the night? Here are some quick tips:

    If you are under the age of 25… You are probably poor! Because of this, it is OKAY to look at the bill and figure out exactly what you owe for the food and beverages you consumed, in addition to whatever tax and tip is appropriate. Some people will try to get you to split the check evenly because it's tedious to go through and figure out that Johnny owes $24 whereas Lisa owes $32 or whatever, but that $8 difference is a drink at the bar later, so stand your ground.

    But once you're over 25, you sign the "going out to dinner contract" as follows...

    If you are over the age of 25…

    “I, (your name), hereby agree that when the bill comes, I will pay my share of the bill, calculated as follows: Total cost divided by # of people, regardless of who got what and how many. I further agree not to publicly complain about this methodology, even if I get a little screwed, because there will be times in the future when what I end up paying is considerably less than the dollar value of what I eat/drank. It evens out over time. Sincerely, (your signature).”

    5. Avenue doorman Wass Stevens makes homophobic comments to keep guests out of Aubrey O'Day's party. [NYDailyNews]

    [Wass Stevens on left]

    Stevens, who has appeared in the "The Wrestler" and "The Good Wife", was manning the door at Avenue last night for the premiere party for "All About Aubrey" when he went to extremes to keep out celebrity makeup artist Jasen Kaplan and made a a gay slur towards him.

    6. Anthony Haden Guest reveals his new book! [BlackBook]

    Says Steve Lewis:

    "Author of the infamous Last Party: Studio 54, Disco, and the Culture of the Night, Anthony captured a world everyone was way too drunk or high to remember. Although I at times remembered things differently when reading the book, it must be said that it was likely because I was looking at things from the cheaper seats."