NYC Nightlife Weekly Roundup

by guestofaguest · November 24, 2008

    BRRRRRRR! It's really getting cold in Manhattan.  We always find that the best way to cure your winter time blues is with an all night bing through club land.  And things are just starting to heat up!

    The week started off with a big band at the Paper Magazine Nightlife awards at Mansion where we caught up with every major nightlife name in this city. The Crème de la Crème Of NYC Nightlife came out to toast each other and we had so much fun mingling with the friends that we have made over the years.

    Our favorite Uncle Stevie (Steve Lewis) found himself on Page Six, a silly little scandal that gave us all a big old laugh.  TEAM STEVE 4 LIFE!

    The Koch brothers helped open up the doors to La Prive with sparklers, cake and kisses for everyone!

    The recession is definitely here, though it seems to not be affecting everyone.

    We took a trip up north to visit our Yalie friends in New Haven, where we discovered that scholastics weren't the only thing the city had to offer.

    Team Cain's Jayma Cardosa celebrated her birthday in style at her newly opened Cain:LUXE.  All of our favorite Surf Lodgers reunited for a night of mayhem.

    Christian Siriano's friends threw him a little "surprise party" at Citrine (though with all of the invites going around for it, we doubt it was as much of a surprise as they hoped).

    Jacob's Angels are taking on Manhattan one club at a time.  So what do you think? Glorified pimp or classy promoter?

    Noah Tepperberg is growing up. Does this mean there are houses with white picket fences in the near future?

    Tenjune celebrated it's 2 year anniversary with a big party for Eugene and Mark. Jessica Alba, Ice-T, Fat Joe, and Brandon Davis were among the guests that helped toast the club.

    Sneaker enthusiasts everywhere celebrated the opening of Reebok's new "Flash Store" on Bowery.

    Beyonce Sasha Fierce hosted Gotham Magazine's annual Gala at Espace.  Micah Jesse was besides himself with joy.

    Scott and Naeem were at it again:

    [Scott and Naeem do Mentor, Haven, and the Eldridge] [Lia Sophia at The Plaza Giving Socials a Chance to Emulate Eloise] [Scott and Naeem Do OUT 100 with more VIPs Than Ps] [Scott and Naeem do Art Rocks and Supermodels in Underwear]

    And we all finished the week off with a big trip to the Bowery Hotel for the Art Rocks celebration.

    We hope things will continue to stay hot in clubland as temperatures plunge.