NYC Nightlife Weekly Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · January 19, 2009

    [Merkato 55]

    We have a big week ahead of us.  As the world's eyes are all looking towards Washington, and awaiting Mr. Obama as he takes his throne, we will take one more look back on the parties that ensued under Bush.

    We started out the week with a look back on the Golden Globes parties. Specifically, which after party did you want to see and be seen at?

    Webster Hall was all over the internet this week, but it wasn't for it's new walls, designed by Mr. Steve Lewis.  A group of guests have been claiming the club is racist. And they've taken to facebooking their disgust. Is Webster Hall really racist?

    Merkato 55 Brunches are still the hot spot to go and keep warm on snowy Saturday afternoon.

    Socialite Amanda Hearst held her birthday party at Norwood, Scott let us in on the deets.

    [Webster Hall]

    We headed over to Ella's to spy on the real life Gossip Girl's in action on the LES.

    Temperatures may be dropping outside but we still have memories of nightland out east from the summer on our minds.  We took a look back on tanner times.  Then we took a look at their flagship on 27th street to see how it's been faring in 2009.

    Micah Jesse was reborn a star!  His site relaunch party drew quite the crowd.

    Tyra Banks helped the Oxygen Network launch a party for the new season of America's Next Top Model Obsessed.

    There's a brand new party in town.  Malik So Chic is trying to bring back Bungalow 8 with it's Wednesday night party.

    Praise Jesus. DJ Nick Cohen has returned from Australia.

    Sundance is well under way, The Eldridge has followed the other scores of New Yorkers to Park City.

    Finally, New York clubs are using Martin Luther King day as a chance to PARTY!