NYC Will Have To Brace for 2 More Years Without Michael Alig

by Stanely Stuyvesant · July 14, 2009

    For those hoping for a quasi resurgence of Club Kids and a subsequent "rescue" of NYC Nightlife lead by the return of Michael Alig will have wait.  Parole officers dashed hopes earlier this month when they denied his parole, and set a July 2010 hearing as the next data point for guidance in his release from prison.  The famed party-promoter, junkie, and murderer was apparently dinged for prescription drugs and moved to solitary confinement.  Uncle Steve Lewis predicted 4 years in solitary after Percocet was found in Alig's system.  A recent comment on GofG claims:

    He just got another 3 years for being found with prescription drugs…"

    Whatever the exact number is, don't expect the languishing scene that has come to be NYC Nightlife to change anytime.  And don't expect Alig to change either.  He's still up to his same old tricks.