Of course Oscar Wilde, a writer known for his sharp wit and even sharper style, is worthy of a watering hole bursting with this much grandeur. His namesake bar, which just opened in NoMad, is a literary delight to the senses, not to mention the perfect spot for an after-work drink or three. With a tagline that mirrors the style of the author's famous aphorisms, "A public place for private affairs," the spot is at once intriguing and a little bit flamboyant. Wilde, we're sure, wouldn't have it any other way.

While the opulent decor is certainly worth noting (french fireplaces, bronze accents, 26 antique clocks all set to the time of Wilde's death), the bar is truly the main attraction. It boasts over 300 spirits, 32 taps, and a creative cocktail menu with drinks such as the "50 Shades of Dorian Gray." Most impressively, however, is its distinction of being the longest marble bar in New York City - 118.5 feet, if you must know. 

Extravagance, booze, and bookish humor - what more could any New Yorker ask for?

[Photos via Oscar Wilde]