Club Kids Style Still Relevant…

by guestofaguest · October 24, 2007

    partymonster.jpg tell us something we DIDN'T know! haha

    Its always such a pleasure to find others out there who share our bizarre fascination/obsession/love of all things relating to Club Kids (a la Kenny Kenny, Richie Rich, James St. James). So when we saw NYMag's Video Look Book of Theresa Dapra, spotted in Soho recently, we had to share.  Theresa is a young girl whose dress was inspired by Party Monster (The cult film that chronicles Club Kids).

    We should point out though that our obsession doesn't cover the likes of Michael Alig.  Although he was the ringleader and patron, the circumstances of his downfall leaves too much of a macabre taste in our mouths. He just wasn't as fabulous as some of his followers.  This girl made our day.