NYU Students Attend Parties Just To Get On The Cobrasnake

by Rachelle Hruska · April 6, 2009

    NYU's local newspaper recently uncovered the real reason why students dress up in hipster clothing and go to LIT to party: They want to be on The Cobrasnake of course! The article is fascinating, people standing around for hours waiting for photographer Mark Hunter to notice them. Pretending to smoke, crying in bathrooms, you name it...

    “I mean, I got this new V-neck at Beacon’s Closet and I wanted to show it off,” said Marissa Johnson, a sophomore in Gallatin. When asked why she was lounging outside smoking a cigarette instead of showing off her new shirt inside, she replied, “I know Mark [Hunter, aka The Cobrasnake] will need to come out for some fresh air at some point, and I just want to look ready.”

    Later, one girl—who wished to remain anonymous—was spotted crying by the bathrooms.

    “She didn’t get photographed,” her friend whispered in this reporter’s ear. “Last time she came so close—you can see her arm in this picture,” she explained, whipping out her iPhone for proof.