Pink Elephant Is Nowhere Near Its End As It Tells Us Exclusively Of Its Expansion Plans In Coming Years

by Rachelle Hruska · December 4, 2008

    The End of the Elephant? Nosediving into 2009?  That has been in the headlines the last couple of days, referring to the "double dip" departure of "Marketing Director" Shawn Kolodny and "Director of Events" Timothy Fried from Pink Elephant, one of our favorite "Best $2k" features and all around solid nightclub on 27th street.  We just couldn't bear to accept that this was going to be the end so we contacted The Elephant himself to hear it from the Elephant's mouth.  We got the following scoop their publicist Ron Berkowitz:

    Apparently Pink Elephant is in no way towards the end of its run.  In fact, they are opening several new outposts, the most relevant one being in Sao Paulo on December 18th (mark your calendars).  They are also currently working on clubs to open in Punta Del Este, Puerto Vallarta, London, Miami, Rome and Zagreb (Croatia).

    Ron also shed some light on the recent staff departures at Pink.  Regarding Shawn and Timothy, Ron had little to say except that they work as a team, hence the double departure.  He then went on to point out that Pink Elephant is made up of a very solid team of owners and promoters such as David Sarner and Rocco Ancarola who are committed to Pink and will continue to work on its expansion and its name.

    Alas, with people continuing to spend more money here in one night than many clubs make the entire month, it looks like Pink Elephant will be here to stay for awhile longer.  (Get your New Year's Eve Pink tickets HERE).